Level 2 Diploma in Recruitment Consultancy

Level 2 Diploma in Recruitment Consultancy
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A dedicated and knowledgeable workforce is the fuel to a successful and well-functioning organisation.

A recruitment consultant is the link between a job seeker and an employer. An individual who will employ the right candidate for the right profile to carry out respective tasks effectively.

With over 10 hours of tutorials, this Recruitment Diploma course will cover a wide range of modules right from the basics of recruiting up until the stage of candidate acquisition.

This course will enable any individual to either, boost their current skill profile, take the first plunge into the recruitment industry, or even start their own recruitment venture.

This course is best suited to: 

  • Anyone wishing to begin a new career
  • Individuals thinking of becoming self employed 
  • Gain specialised experience of the industry with a view to succeed.

Key learning Points

This course is fundamentally broken down into the following 11 modules, which will enable you to grasp all the essentials of being an effective and reliable recruiter: 

  • Discover how to attract the right candidates and find clients who need employees 
  • Gain a better understanding of your clients recruitment needs by building your relationships with them 
  • Find out how to attract candidates via different recruitment modes and channels 
  • Know how to screen candidates, interview them, run background checks and then match them to the apt role and client 
  • Learn to access candidates potential scope within a company and recommend the right salary packages and perks 
  • Understand the importance of having recruitment regulations and codes of conduct as well as implementing them. 
  • Understanding the legalities involved with recruitment 
  • Learn how to start and run a successful recruiting service of your own, with our helpful hints and tips.

Advantages of the course 

  • The key advantage of this course is that the content is very useful to anyone who has an interest in recruitment, whether they are new to the sector or are ambitious enough to take this qualification to business ownership in the field 
  • Learning at your own pace, this means you can understand and study each module as many times as you wish, before moving onto the next topic 
  • A further understanding of the sector, with the added advantage of equipping yourself with vast knowledge and the confidence to become your own boss 
  • Becoming a recruitment consultant gives you high job mobility at all time. 
  • This course will enable you to be an effective recruitment consultant and also turn this into a successful business 
  • Develops your negotiation skills and interviewing techniques 
Introduction to Recruitment: History, Importance and Implications
  • Importance of hiring good employees
  • Negative effects of not being able to find the right candidates
  • Function and uses of hiring recruitment consultants
  • Benefits of hiring recruitment consultants for job seekers
Sales and Selling in the Recruitment Industry
  • Sales and selling techniques for the recruiting sector
  • Selling techniques, ideas and tips
  • How to gain access to the preferred list
  • What information to research before making sales calls
Recruitment Bodies and Standards
  • Understanding the need to have regulations and prescribed codes of conduct
  • Objectives of implementing a code of ethics
  • Reforms and Laws that have Shaped the Face of the Recruitment Industry
  • APSCo; history, aims and objectives
The Recruitment Process
  • What is the need for a recruitment process and what it involves
  • Navigating and understanding the recruitment cycle
  • Client acquisition, recruitment strategy, candidate attraction and management
  • Importance of having a recruitment process
Key Performance Indicators for the Recruitment Industry
  • Defining and explaining the concept of key performance indicators
  • Why Key Performance Indicators are Important to Success
  • Benefits of Key Performance Indicators
  • Characteristics of High Quality Key Performance Indicators
Candidate Attraction for Recruitment
  • Definition of candidate attraction
  • How to create job postings
  • Advertising job posts
  • Common mistakes associated with job postings
Candidate Management
  • Components of candidate management
  • Screening of CVs for candidate selection
  • Strategies in selection of the best CVs
  • Managing online applicant tracking systems
Candidate Interview Processes
  • Importance and objectives of interviews
  • Steps for Interview planning
  • Phone Interview tips and techniques
  • How to conduct panel interviews and why they are a better choice
Client Acquisition
  • Understanding the importance of client acquisition
  • Identifying the right clients for your firm
  • Tips for effective client acquisition
  • Identifying the Right Person to Approach in a Client Organisation
Comprehensive Guide to Client Strategy in the Recruitment Sector
  • Understanding the need for client strategy
  • Planning client strategy
  • Client Strategy guidelines
  • Building client strategy through client management
Steps to Starting and Running a Successful Recruiting Service
  • Advantages of starting a recruiting consultancy in the UK
  • Tips to start your own recruitment business
  • Important attributes of a successful recruitment entrepreneur
  • Common mistakes made by new recruitment consultants
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